Library :
Library is always the heart of any institution. Library always existed in our college, Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya since its very birth. Being started with a few books and journals. It is now enriched with more than thirteen thousand books, influential journals like 'Desh' and some newspapers. Though it faced a severe problem regarding its administration because of the absence of a Librarian for several years, it is now running well under the in charge ship of newly recruited Librarian. Several books are bought for the library under U.G.C scheme and with the financial help of the government. The departmental books are maintained nicely by placing all the books in separate almirahs for each department.
Our Librarian and the Non-teaching staffs along with the teachers are keeping no stone unturned to bring forth the academic facilities that a proper library should deliver. Not only are the students, the teachers also enriched by the rich treasures of the library. The quality of the stock books is also worth mentioning- there are both syllabus – oriented and research based books which really makes the library the knowledge hub. Still we have far to go. There are so many hurdles regarding the geographical and social condition of our locality which are yet to be crossed.

Laboratories (Geography and Computer Science):
In parity with the syllabus framed by West Bengal State University, the department of Geography of the college has a well equipped laboratory with computer with recent configuration and other necessary instruments to cater the recruitments of students both of the Honours and Pass courses for their practical classes.
In addition to this, study hours conducted by the faculty of this department for the students of both Honours & Pass courses in different parts of the country.
Equally this is the computer science laboratory of the college with sophisticated computer system, software, prints and internet facilities. The students are taught computer assembling, operating system; installation, application, software installation, Microsoft office package and SRL by computer teachers who enable the students of prepare themselves for vocational system of education too. Provision is there in future for opening one more laboratory (ICT) for Education honours students too. The faculty of this department also conducts Educational Tours for their students.

Our Mahavidyalaya is availing hostel facility for students of distant placec on the basis of merit, both boys and girls. Since after the establishment of college, with the financial assistance of government, a hostel have been established with approximately forty seats for boys. Applications are granted on the basis of distance and merit. Hostel facility is open to all the students ) irrespective of cast and need) with caution money of Rs 300/- and monthly fees of Rs 75/- per student. A detailed accounts of rules and regulations are to be verified from the office of the Mahavidyalaya. There is also girls hostel of 30 seats constructed by state government grant in the college premise for the schedule castes and tribes. Another women's hostel of 38 seats is being constructed from the grant received from the University Grant Commission to accommodate more students from remote part of island.