Admission Procedure

The entire admission procedure is conducted through online system as per government rules in order to extend the facilities of higher education to students of the island and from the feeder schools.
Number of seats in existing Honours subjects ( B.Sc & B.A courses) :
Geography (50) , Bengali (97) , Education(58) , History(45) , English(20) m, Sanskrit(38). Optional subjects are following:
Bengali , English , Geography , Philosophy , History , Political Science, Education , Sanskrit , Geography (70) , Economics (50) , Computer Science(50).
Compulsory Subjects: Envs (Environmental Science)
Subject Combination:
Honours - Pass (Any two)
Bengali - Philosophy, Political Science , History , Sanskrit , Education
Education - Philosophy, Political Science, History , Sanskrit , English, Bengali
Geography - For Geography Hons. Students Economics is compulsory Subject. In That case the students of these departments shall be regarded as B.Sc students (Science Stream) . Besides any One from Bengali, Education, History, Computer Science.
History - Education, Bengali/ English, Philosophy, Sanskrit
English - History, Political Science, Education, Philosophy, Computer Science
Sanskrit - Bengali, Education, History, Political Science, Philosophy
Geography (Pass) - Bengali/ English , History , Political Science , Education , Sanskrit