History of Us

Founded in 1985 on the first day of the month of May in one of the remote island of the Sunderbans, now a world heritage site, Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya stood as the sole torch bearer of higher education among the local tribal, caste Hindu and minorities. Riziculture and Pisiculture in the river Betni being the primary occupation of the most of the poverty stricken families especially after the devastating AILA cyclone and also often first generation learners.
Today as the college enters its 31st year, it looks back to a nostalgic past starting with only 47 students and it has travelled a long way. Struggling against all odds both natural and material persisting even today the college tries to prepare itself for a challenging future. Formerly affiliated to the University of Calcutta but now under the West Bengal State University, Barasat the Government sponsored college has received both 2f 12 b affiliation from the University Grant Commission.
The college now has about 1500 students, 4 Assistant Professors (of whom 1 serves as the Teacher in Charge) and 1 librarian. Besides there are several contractual whole time, Part time and Guest teachers. The total number of Non- teaching staff is 32.
Since reception the number of departments was 6, at present the number has been increased to 11 ( Honours in English, Bengali , Sanskrit , History ,Geography and Education – General course in Philosophy , Political Science , Geography , Economics and Computer Science) With the financial assistance of University Grant Commission during each Plan Period and State Government's several attempts the improvement of the infra- structure of the college has been done, such as:
1) Remedial course for students lagging behind in their general studies.
2) Coaching classes for School Service Examination Training, Entry-In – Service Scheme for unemployed ex- students and local youth.
3) Installation of water filter and sub- marshal pump (the latter by the present President of the college governing body Hon'ble Sri Narayan Goswami , Karmadhakshya , Putra Division ) for purified drinking water.
4) A rich library with books and journals, former numbering about 13,000.
5) For the use of office, library and geography and computer science laboratories several computers have been purchased and installed with latest configurations.
6) To ensure the security of the campus a boundary wall had been constructed but a part of it remained incomplete. This task of completing the unfinished wall has been kindly taken by the hon'ble President of the Governing Body Sri Narayan Goswami.